February 5, 2023

I’ve spent a fair amount of time in New York City – wait, let me take that back. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Manhattan. I’m not sure why it was always Manhattan except maybe I didn’t know any better. I ventured to Queens a couple of times, up to Harlem once, never any time in the Bronx or Brooklyn (until now) – this trip was different. We were based out of Brooklyn and here’s what I can tell you. I love Brooklyn a million times more than Manhattan. If I were to move to New York City, I would choose one of the great neighborhoods in Brooklyn, not anything in Manhattan. Don’t get me wrong – Manhattan is great and it is where much of the action happens in this city – but it’s not where I vibe. Still, there were more than a few amazing spots it has been fun to share with Sophia and there is still more to come. Manhattan is like Waikiki in Hawaii. It’s where the tourists go, where some of the best and most iconic spots are, and it’s got all the things that go along with that. We live near Waikiki and we love it – but it’s not really representative of Hawaii – just so with Manhattan. Plus, a walk through Times Square as the sun goes down is a lesson in what weed smells like, human anatomy, crime thinking, inappropriate homeless signs, and so much more. We’re having a blast in every neighborhood we visit.

Photos Include:

Manhattan Bridge


911 Site

Top of the Rock

Manhattan Skyline

Brooklyn Museum

American Museum of Natural History

Statue of Liberty

Staten Island Ferry

Broadway (Eugene O’Neil Theatre – Book of Mormon)

Times Square

Central Park

New York Public Library

Wall Street

Rockefeller Square

and so much more.

Regardless – we’re having a great time in New York City. There are already so many helpful posts about New York on Vagobond that I’ll just share some of our photos from our time here. My last stop on this particular trip around the world and one I feel particularly blessed to be able to share with my daughter.


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