February 4, 2023

Sunshine and outdoor concerts, long valued by event organizers, now have a new partner: Sustainable Waves. This new event production company is tapping into those powerful light rays to bring great sound to outdoor events all around Austin.
To do the right thing for the planet can often be challenging. Because the stage-mounted solar panels have limited output, compared to thee near-unlimited power from the grid, everything from the speaker cabinets to the loudspeaker’s magnetic windings had to be custom designed with ultra-high efficiency in mind. By leveraging vintage design ideas from the 1940s and building with modern, efficient speakers and materials, Sustainable Waves has produced a completely mobile platform capable of generating large amounts of sound with the least amount of electrical power.
Their stand-alone solar powered stage and sound system is certainly no lightweight, like those solar-powered AM/FM survival radios you might see. No, this stage can generate up to 40,000 watts, enough to provide tunes for between three- and five-thousand people–no grid, no generator required! Sustainable Waves hosted their first event on November 19th & 20th as a fundraiser for the Austin Zoo, receiving a warm reception.

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