February 8, 2023

Here is the link to the auction…good luck..starting at just $0.99! Now you can know what I know (at least part of it)

Everyone knows it is expensive to get an education. I am trying to get back a little of the cost of my education with this auction. This auction includes all of the lecture notes, returned tests and quizzes, handouts, syllabus, and term papers from the past four semesters of attendance at the University of Hawaii. I am a hard working student, I don’t miss class, I usually get A’s. I am not selling this so that someone can breeze through the classes I worked hard to get A’s in (though someone could do that as I have already done most of the work for you) but so that someone who doesn’t want to pay $20,000 can enjoy the benefit of the following classes. I am an anthropology major with a minor in film. If this auction goes over $100, I will include some of the textbooks for the courses that I still possess (marked with a “*”). This is a lot of information and takes up several file boxes. So go ahead, buy my education. The following classes are included:
Anthropology 151 – Emerging Humanity taught by Samudra
Anthropology 165 – Heritage Sites in Archaeology – taught by Perry
Anthropology 200- Cultural Anthropology – taught by Cooper
Anthropology 210 – Archaeology -taught by Hunt
Anthropology 300*- Study of Contemporary Problems in Anthropology – taught by Goleb
Anthropology 305* – History of Anthropology- taught by Samudra
Anthropology 446*- Anthropology in Southeast Asian Cultures – taught by Samudra
Arab 101- Elementary Modern Standard Arabic taught by Mirza
Arab 102- Elementary Modern Standard Arabic taught by Mirza
Botany 105*- Ethnobotany taught by McClatchey Also includes more than 30 lectures on 12 DVDs if auction exceeds $100
Botany 105L* Ethnobotany Labrotory taught by McClatchey
Hawaii Studies 107*- Hawaii Center of the Pacific – taught by Kimo
Indonesian 103*- Beginning Indonesian I – taught by Kozek
Religion 150- Introduction to the Worlds Major Religions taught by Sakashita
PACE 210* – Survey of Peace and Conflict Studies -taught by Hallett
ACM 255*- Cinema and Digital Media Narrative -taught by Boothe
Honors 491*- The Politics of Film -taught by Kane

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