January 27, 2023

I will look forward to hearing more about this…some possible things that might come up that were mistranslated…
1) The Seven Deadly Sins are actually Seven Ways to Enjoy Yourself To Death
2) When the Buddha said he sought enlightenment he was actually referring to a candle that wouldn’t go out when the wind blew under his bodhi tree
3) Nirvana actually was a grunge band that the Buddha was hoping to get tickets to in ancient India. According to Buddha ” Seeing Nirvana, I can think of nothing else on this earth”
Maybe you can think of more?
ABC Asia Pacific – News – Scientists in Australia uncover ancient Buddhist literature
Australian Scientists have uncovered what they believe are the earliest examples of Buddhist literature.
Our reporter, Sarah Clarke, says carbon dating of rare manuscripts from a private collection dubbed the “dead sea scrolls of Buddhism” may reveal the religion’s ancient orgins.
Fragments of the manuscripts were delicately washed, then carbon dated at Sydney’s lucas heights nuclear reactor.
Scientists have found that the texts originate from the first and fifth centuries AD, and believe they are the earliest examples of Buddhist literature in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Dr Mark Allon from the University of Sydney will help researching how the literature developed.
“These manuscripts will throw light on the transmission of Buddhism into china, what type of Buddhism was being transmitted, how it was being transmitted, where the literature came from and how it was developing,” he said.
Buddhism was originally an oral tradition and the discovery will also give historians an insight into how buddhist literature began.

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