January 29, 2023

(Someone is speaking my language….cd)
River of Fireflies: to the well-off liberals
to the well-off liberals
fuck you.
you soft, climate controlled, marbellized assholes.

i’ve spent the past year in Boston, three weeks in San Francisco
all kinds of time on the internet looking at your self aggrandizing peace blogs
where you link to all the news stories and quote Krishnamurti and whoever else
and i’ve had enough
you know what did it?
i heard someone the other day
(in all seriousness and sincerity)
suggest that leaving a bigger tip for the Starbucks barista guy
was a way to make the world a better place
and feel good about yourself
that that’s all you really have to do.
that’s it
you fuckers are in for it now.
i’ve seen you in the wild
you can’t hide behind your websites with me
seen you with the cell phones shoved halfway up you ear canals
seen the stiff uncomfortable stare ahead as you pass the homeless guys
the colored guys
cocooned off from the world by your precious little Ipod ear buds
see you guzzling, all the time
$5 coffees and expensive wines and gourmet cheeses
guzzle guzzle guzzle
chomp smack slurp
proud of yuorselves because you pay more for organic foods
proud becuase you drive a hybrid
proud because you donated $50 to the red cross this month
you are patronizingly sweet to the valet and the bellhop and the security guy
proud beacuse you get your news from the BBC
and talk on and on and on at dinner, in the park, at the library
about your “progressive politics”
i thought you guyd might help, once
thought you really meant it
you have money, connections, status, influence
you could do things, get things done
but you need this system
need it for all your little comforts
all your little indulgences
you won’t ever shake it up
because it’s all an image to you
like new clothes or shoes for the season
“look at me, i’m Progressive
gay marraige, no blood for oil, solar power, veganism
love me, i’m so sweet and wonderful”
i don’t love you
i see right through you
there’s a tv commercial that runs regular here in san francisco
i’ve seen it a few times over the past few weeks
it’s for a financial company
some hippies in a VW van
morph into a bunch of well heeled well dressed middle agers with a luxury van
that’s you
they know their target demographic well
soft sellout bitches
fought for something once
then found it easier to just give up and conform, fuck the coming generations
bunch of J. Crew shopping pussies
getting your dicks sucked by Wachovia Financial or whoever
that’s you
that’s your story
the young ones aren’t any better
biggest bunch of clueless overprivileged out of it dipshits
with all your precious clubs, ring tones, styles
bunch of pointless wasteful bullshit
but keep telling yourself you’re special, interesting, a good person
because you’ve got enough money that people are willing to make you feel that way
but don’t try and push that shit off onto me
or anyone else who’s caught in the wake that your little “lifestyles” generate
you are nothing
you mean nothing
your writing is worth nothing
if you don’t live it.
you’re not helping
and we don’t need you
or your damn web sites.

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