February 2, 2023

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This Is Lo-Fi Indie
guys of folkOn ‘Dare to Be Surprised’, John Davis and Sebadoh mainman Lou Barlow concoct a collection of songs that could be superficially described in the kind of terms rock critics love to abuse; “quirky”, “lo-fi”, and the ever popular “side project”. As the band’s mainstream breakthrough ‘The Natural One’ from the ‘Kids’ soundtrack proved, though, the Folk Implosion is much more than just another couple of indie cool cats with some spare time and a four track. Though Davis and Barlow handle all the vocal and instrumental chores themselves, there is an audible breadth of vision and scope that permeates the production. Cheap beatboxes mix with endearingly clunky drums; rubbery guitars and wheezy keyboards draw angular lines around Folk Implosion’s arch but accessible, gently rocking alt-pop. Davis and Barlow’s music is either weirdly infectious or infectiously weird, depending on which end of the radio dial you frequent.

* Folk Implosion – Dare to Be Surprised

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