February 2, 2023

Someone sent me this video clip of what appeared to be a sushi bar. The sushi was quite unlike any I had ever seen, though. Apparently, all the house specialties are designed to enhance virility.
A popular selection is the live frog – it is skinned before your eyes and you are offered the still-beating heart while the chef prepares a lovely frogmeat sashimi from the rest. I was fascinated and had to find more info.
The name of the restaurant is mentioned in the video – Asadachi. It is located in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo. The name Asadachi means “morning wood.”
Here is the restaurant website….
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And here is an English description of some of the photos on the site…
Watashi to Tokyo
Hey, Chairman… Guess where we are going for your birthday next year? (Not because you need it, of course – but I would like to have something else killed for your birthday…)

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