January 28, 2023

The Trump Administration seems intent on making people panic and creating bad situations. In a speech an hour ago, Trump just cancelled all travel between the USA and Europe for 30 days. If things do not improve, we can probably expect that to be extended.

Americans are already stealing masks from hospitals and doctors and buying out ungodly amounts of toilet paper. Now with Baby Boomer icon Tom Hanks and his wife being diagnosed with Covid-19 in Australia – we can only expect the boomer panic to set in on a scale that would have been unimaginable a few weeks ago. The NBA cancelling the rest of basketball season is only the beginning.

If you are stranded in the USA or Europe – stand strong. Don’t freak out, talk to people, and for goodness sake, don’t get caught in the shopping madness. Remember, most people are good. Most people aren’t going to be too badly affected by the coronavirus, and if you are affected by it – please do the right thing and self-quarantine for a while and if you need medical assistance, get it. If you are okay, please leave the doctors and hospital beds for those who need them.

I’m not scared of the coronavirus – but people’s reaction to it is already terrifying – and we are just getting started. Be safe out there.

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