January 28, 2023

Ramblin’ Man’s Bio.
Born in Tacoma, Washington in 1971 to a rock musician and a cocktail waitress. We moved from Tacoma to Big Bear Lake, California and travelled most of the continental U. S. before I could fully appreciate it. My earliest memories are of the road. Ghost towns and Holiday Inns, coming over mountains and seeing towns laid out below like a thousand jewels. My parents split up after a big “disco” scene. My childhood is full of memories of cocaine, jam sessions, babysitters watching pornos, and that whole wierd time of being a kid in the 1970’s. I was almost 10 when my parents split up. I spent my teens running away, playing in the woods and at the beach, doing drugs, and working on the Ski Slopes. I rebelled as far as I could from my parents. I joined the Marines. I hated it, but was pretty good at it. I was was trained a mortarman, a grunt, and an Air Traffic Controller. I was honorably discharged after four years. Seargent Damitio. I moved to Raleigh, North Carolina and became a student at North Carolina State University. I worked as a bartender. On January 02, 1996 I arrived in Bellingham. I had never been here before. I found a picture of Mount Baker and I knew it was the place I’d been waiting to call home my whole life. I gave away everything in my apartment and drove across country. Once here I lived in my car, then with heroin addicts, then with a poet named Alyssa. I’ve lived all over Bellingham and Fairhaven is the only place I want to be.
Real Name: Christopher David Damitio
Hometown: Bellingham, Washington ( more specifically…Fairhaven)
Towns and cities lived in (places I’ve had jobs and/or homes):
Tacoma, Washington Millington, Tennessee
Seattle, Washington Memphis, Tennessee
Big Bear Lake, California San Diego, California
Mendocino, California Jacksonville, North Carolina
Fawnskin, California Raleigh, North Carolina
Redding, California Knightdale, North Carolina
Myrtle Creek, Oregon Juneau, Alaska
Canyonville, Oregon London, England
Profession: Writer
Jobs worked in life:
Waiter House Painter Mill Worker Air Traffic Controller
Cook Bellboy Driver Apartment Manager
Bartender Delivery Boy Laborer Office Manager
Editor Janitor Commercial Painter Casting Director
Roofer Handyman Disc Jockey Craft Services
Manufacturer Engineer Asst Store Manager Barrista
Cashier Radio Producer Ski Lift Attendant Alpine Slide Attendant
Dishwasher Caterer Room Service Sales Associate
Woodcutter Furniture Maker Begger Plasma Donor
Countries, Territories, and States Hitchhiked in:
Alabama Utah N. Carolina Pennsylvania Canada
Arkansas Nevada S. Carolina Kentucky Scotland
Arizona Colorado Virginia Louisiana England
California Wyoming W. Virginia Ohio Puerto Rico
Oregon Idaho Tennessee Florida Grand Bahama Island
Washington Alaska Mississippi Georgia Mexico
Drugs I’ve done:
Marijuana PCP NO2
Cocaine LSD Opium
Nicotine XTC Crack (freebased cocaine actually)
Alcohol Psilopsybin Nutmeg
Cryatal Meth Pills (all kinds) Bannana Peels ( they didn’t work)
Drugs I’d do again: (see list above but get rid of “C” drugs and bannana peels.)
Movies I’ve been involved with:
Practical Magic The Follower
Limbo The Barrell Brothers
Wild Charm of the O’Neils Second Generation

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