January 31, 2023

I don’t give a damn what anyone says Irishmen, Germans, and Chinese are every bit as good as Africans and Englishmen. What do you think about the Macah getting their whale? I’m sick of hearing a bunch of whining white people crying about the environment. I’m sure if you add up the total number of whales killed by the Macah and all their ancestors it is far fewer than those killed by whites. The whole issue of Native sovereignity is bizarre. If there were more Natives alive there could be a revolt. My grandmother always claimed there would be a race war. She was so bigoted she would rip the cover off the T.V. Guide if Benson were on it. She allowed Colon Powell to grace her table. I didn’t know if I was a bigot or not until I got in the Marines (having never been around any black people except Colon Powell on my grandmothers coffee table). In the Marines I made several black friends and discovered I don’t really like governments or religions, but most people are okay, away from governments or religions. I don’t see the potential as great that a racewar would break out in this country. I mean, it’s America, if you can get cash….you get to be white. Even if you make your money selling crack to kids, you can ‘go legitimate’ and become a respectable white person. Anyone with money can be white with almost all the privelidges that come with it. You only have to turn your back on all poor people. Theres more of a chance of a violent redistribution of wealth.

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