January 26, 2023

You are free. 2012-10-25 15.14.39What are the modern expectations? 

They’re not so different from the pre-modern expectations.

– Owning your own home is the key to your security

– Having a steady and secure income makes life enjoyment possible

– You have to work now in order to buy your freedom later

That last one is the one that kills me. Think about it for a minute. Who works to buy their freedom? Slaves and indentured servants do, that’s who.

Last I looked slavery was illegal. For that matter, it seems like owning a home didn’t work out so well for all those who’ve lost them in the past few years. As to a steady and secure income – your employment can end at any time. Yikes!

That means that the modern expectations make you a slave with no security and little to no  freedom to enjoy life. Yuck. Get out of that mindset.

I’m not going to tell you to quit your job, follow your bliss into a $100 startup, travel all over the world and blog for money, or become a 4-hour-escape-artist.Other guys are pushing that agenda.

Here’s the message I’m pushing:

You should be able to enjoy life a little before you die. That’s it. That’s the one expectation you need to embrace. Stop being a slave working for your freedom, stop thinking that expensive cologne or a fancy man-bracelet is going to get you laid, stop pretending that travel is the answer to all your problems.

If you own a home, good for you. Enjoy it!

If you have a good job, good for you. Enjoy it!

If you don’t have a home or a job, good for you. Enjoy it!

You are not a slave. I’m not going to tell you that you can do all the things I do and I’m sure I can’t do all the things you do. We have something in common though…We are not slaves. We are FREE. 

Put down those modern expectations that have shackled you. You only imagined that chain around your neck – you made it up. Stand up tall and look around. You are free and that is awesome.

What are you going to do with your freedom? That’s the big question.

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