January 28, 2023

The alpha-male, Bruno, who led the attack threw stones at me when I visted the sanctuary! Of course, the Pakistani UN soldiers that were also visiting were taunting the chimps…
Bruno was magnificent and I can’t help but be a little psyched for him that he got some revenge. It’s tough, because if he were left in the wild he would likely be dead, but at the same time, he is a fierce wild creature that was never meant to catch and eat fruit to amuse tourists.

Police in Sierra Leone are on the hunt for a group of chimpanzees, who escaped from their wildlife sanctuary after a fatal attack on construction workers. Armed reinforcements are combing the area after a Sierra Leonean died and four people were seriously injured.
Security personnel said the five men were attacked on Sunday after entering the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary.
Angry chimps killed and mutilated the driver. Three North Americans are in a hospital in the capital, Freetown.
Another Sierra Leonean was also badly injured – and reportedly needed to have his hand amputated.
A worker at Tacugama told the BBC that some 24 chimpanzees had escaped, while six had already returned.

The violent attack was instigated by Bruno, the first chimpanzee taken in by the sanctuary and its alpha-male, along with two other primates, police said.

BBC NEWS | Africa | Police hunt Leone ‘killer chimps’

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