February 5, 2023

Awww, Bellingham…There is no rational explanation for the place. The freeway shooters spent time there before terrorizing the beltway, numerous serial killers sipped beers in the Fisherman’s Wharf there, nutcases from around the world are drawn there. You can find them on Railroad Avenue, in the Station Pub, and wandering the alleyways near the University.
Sometimes I miss Bellingham. Then I see a story like this one…
Police evacuate hotel, dismantle homemade bomb in Bellingham
The Associated Press
BELLINGHAM, Wash. — Bellingham Police have arrested a man suspected of making a homemade bomb in a motel bathroom.
The Days Inn was evacuated late Friday night while police deactivated what they called an “improvised explosive device.” There were no reports of injuries.
Lt. Craig Ambrose said police arrested one man and charges may be filed for malicious placement of an explosive.
A man called police at about 8 p.m. Friday to report that his roommate had returned to their third-floor motel room with several suspicious items, which could be made into an improvised bomb, and disappeared into the bathroom.
When officers contacted the man at the motel, they discovered he had no roommate. The man told police he had made a bomb, described it, and said he had used a motion detector as a trigger.
“When asked why he made the bomb, he could not provide a rational explanation,” Ambrose said.

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