January 26, 2023

I received the following spam with the headings
1) “Hi Peace Enamored”, from “Clarence Elliott” alsk@0451.com
2) ” Cash out, self-denying” from “coriss vazquez” brittnimueller@ovist.com
3) “Cash out, cross date” from “rica arellano” lainanance@adoptee.com
Feel free to send them fan mail if you like it too. Please leave a comment letting us know what your favorite of the three is and we will determine the winner by sheer enjoyment of ripe pineapple plus half-lychee golfing in the rainwater of Gaugain’s placebo!
p.s. you must read them aloud for full enjoyment, preferably in a ‘poem voice’
1) mice pink oyster-shell scale off-go outside loop Non-attic
olive fly nut dash military-minded oil gauge palm wine
panel saw parallel-flow turbine palm fern organ builder

night clothes pearl-lipped mortise gear nimble-jointed minimum-wage law one-striper oil palm
narrow-celled never-satisfied odd-jobber
passion-kindling off-peak one-one mill-headed moss-begrown mileage book one-dollar organ loft pales weevil mosquito bee parcel-gilt opera house now-existing
mother country moon-gray oscillation circuit niminy-piminy old-age pension
mortification root narrow-hipped Pan-saxon pancake bell

moon blindness oblong-elliptic one-toed mono-ideistic mid-point onyx marble olive ore
Middle high german Mid-upper paper carrier
Pan-asiaticism miracle-working pawn ticket mob-minded parsley crown oil whetstone nerve-tingling narrow-guaged

2) marble-mindedness barley fork tube-fed quasi confinement self-renouncing
rack punch castor-oil plant
half-theatrical space-world jack-a-dandy mis-humility jenny wren gay-flowered
drop-forging die die turner time fuse driving clock April fool
village community rate-cutting pseudo father
carriage shaft thick-flaming side-winded
telegraph lineman heaven-descended chess opening quasi hesitation coach hire
linen fold clapper rail

3)Rose fever basket boat blush rose alligator fish hedge stake
furnace cadmium van owner
south-preceding fox dog twice-vacant stud rivet willow-tufted pudding-shaped
turf-boring time fire tie-on hatch box gable-windowed
bounding bow press box translating roller
ground cedar attic story tariff duty
fair-cheeked toot plant hard-drying shroud-laid border pen
Christ child heath mulberry

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