February 2, 2023

Thanks to SpaceLotus for sending this. Sure it’s pretty hippie-dippie, but you know, if we all took a second to get in sinq, we might just be surprised at what happens….
Planetary Alignment for 11:11:11 We are asking for everyone’s assistance in getting this message circulated world wide ASAP so that all who choose will be able to participate on Nov. 11th at 11:00AM.
The vibration of SOUND is to go out around the Planet to break away the last pieces of the old vibration of discord and separation and to bring in more fully and activate more completely the frequencies for LOVE, PEACE AND BALANCE.
Wherever you are on Nov. 11th at 11:00AM (11-11-11) please ring a bell, sound sacred tones with your voice, use whatever sound/instrument you are guided to do. The important thing is that we now need SOUND to help the restoration of BALANCE on the planet.
It is suggested that for the 11:11 event, people use the “AH” sound, in whatever key or tone feels comfortable for them. This is an extremely powerful sound–particularly useful for generating compassion. I know you will agree that compassion is truly a key to transformation of consciousness on this planet.
As you may know, the “AH”; sound is a sacred seed syllable. Itis found in most of the God and Goddess names on the planet (Tara, Buddha, Krishna, Yah, ), as well as many of the sacred words (Amen, Alleluia, Aum). Most mystical traditions worldwide also find it to be the sound of the heart chakra. Yet, as a vowel sound, it defies denomination or description as a mantra and is acceptable by everyone.

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