January 28, 2023

Philosophy of Electromagnetism.
I The universe is composed of forces. We recognize some. We understand some. We think we understand and recognize others. Electricity, magnetism and gravity are the primary forces of the univers. We have crudely tapped these forces without understanding what they imply or are. Electricity and magnetism are like polar opposites and gravity is the force that results from the interaction of the two.
II the smallest particles are theorized to be composed of waves. Waves are made up of energy. At the subatomic level the distinction between materials becomes meaningless. At a certain level all matter is the same. Everything is composes of energy, the one true material.
III All forms of energy are interchangeable. Electricity can become magnetism, can become gravity, can become electricity. Energy is. Period.
IV Potentially the ultimat knowledge is E=MC2, all matter is interchangeable. Meaning transmutation happens. It happens here on Earth in a slow way, geologic time rather than life time. Matter changing is merely a changing of it’s frequency, or how fast the waves are moving at the subatomic level. Essentially like changing stations on a radio.
V The key is locating the receiver. We have limited ourselves to the state of our ancestors by attempting to control matter. Consciousness stopped our own transmutation into the ultimate stuff of the universe. A sheep is composed of the grass it eats, because it is not aware of the difference. Consciousness stopped us. Our eye sight has not adapted to see the entire electromagnetic spectrum, our brains use far less than their full potential. We are at a standstill. We have refused the gifts it is within ourselves to receive.
VI. Telepathy is merely reading energy. The brain works through synapses opening and closing. This in turn creates waves through the displacement of matter. Synapses activate function, thought, language, etc. The waves are not confined to the body. They become external. They can be picked up. We ignore those that we do pick up. We don’t believe.

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