February 8, 2023

If the Serbians accept the plan proposed by NATO is that peace? Of course not. Peace is unachievable in our current system. We are suffering from a lack of morality. The morality to refuse to profit from the suffering of others. Do you think the leaders of the world want to take the profit out of the press and the safe out of dolphin? Of course not. Sheer and utter nonsense. They want us to have nonstrategic victories and the lure of the magic dollar. There are people who have made billions from the NATO Campaign. Billions of dollars from close to 18,000 deaths caused by our bombs, no matter the price in human life and suffering. I do not have a moral objection to using weapons strategically to achieve a valid military goal, I do have a rather strong objection to individuals making a profit from war. Doesn’t that make a military conflict in the capitalist’s interest?
Perhaps its time to resurrect the phrase JUST SAY NO!! Just say no to profit from suffering.
I’m not an economist, I can’t tell you how to set up the system but there are regular people out there that have this figured out. Some guy stuck in a desk job probably figures this kind of thing out for kicks.
Peace? No way. They’ll never let us have that because it is impossible in the current system. They can’t give us Peace without making drastic changes that would rearrange the power structure. They don’t want to give up the benefits of affluence. They’re poking us with lit cigarettes and telling us its a massage. The flaw in our culture probably stems from the fact that it is built on the back of a slave and the corpse
of an Indian. Our founding fathers were brilliant and cruel. They did not have our morality. We have evolved conscientiously, yet we still falter because we are trapped in a paradigm that demands exploitation of the weak. We look forward to having commercials manipulate our brains into thinking we need a product or service that we don’t need at all. We buy things. We buy things because we think we need them. We think we need them because advertising has convinced us that we need ziplock baggies and pink flamingos in our yards. We are not the masters of our ships. We are not the captains of our souls. We need things and we can’t rock the boat and get rid of our 40 hours a week, barely scraping by, salary. We need things and so it continues on, resting precariously on the collapse of computers, World War, or Solar Flares knocking out every bit of satellite communication next spring. Prepare to have less, one way or another. Hopefully there won’t be a massive loss of life. If there is you should know how to take care of wounded comrades and loved ones.
Assuming your casualty is unconscious.
1) Clear the airway. Place the victim on their back and clear the airway. Place your hand under the victims neck, while tilting the head back.
2) Check for breathing. Listen and feel for breathing while watching for the rise and fall of the victims chest.
3) If they are not breathing perform CPR.
4) Stop the bleeding from the victims wounds using compress’ or if necessary a tourniquet. Be sure to check for entry and exit wounds.
5) Treat for shock. Keep the victims head higher than their feet. Keep the victim warm. If conscious keep the victim calm and still.
6) Do not replace protruding organs. Cover wounds and organs with dressing and bandage securely.
7) Get medical assistance as soon as possible.
If we remain calm we can reduce the loss of life.

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