January 28, 2023

I attended the First Friday Gallery Walk in Chinatown last night. As usual, it was fun. A lot of people out drinking, looking at art, and in general having fun. The group of people I was with were mostly Starbucks barristas. Anyway, we started out at 39 Hotel Street where the paintings of Sam Vaughan were on display.
Paintings, Drawings, Etc. by Sam Vaughan
Interesting art. We were speaking with the gallery owner trying to figure out something about the artist as the work seemed to have a lot of political and religious significance. Equally interesting was that Vaughan had chosen to forego an artist statement. Our questions led her to bring Sam over to us. When asked about politics and religion he quickly explained that he had neither but simply felt that the imagery was compelling because of the overt subject matter. He explained that most of the paintings on display were perversions of chinese propaganda posters. This explained quite a lot. The show itself was somewhat awkwardly displayed and in a terrible faux pas they had not only left his website off of their promotional flyers but had also misspelled his name. Ouch…
After that we ventured all the way next door into Bar 35 where I was pleasantly surprised to run into a girl I had worked on ‘the apprentice’ and ‘americas next top model’ with. Also surprising to both of us was that we share a number of friends. nice.
From there we wandered the streets and one of the barristas and I split a bottle of vodka which I unwisely poured into a can of coffee…yuck… she had a greater presence of mind and added her half to some flavored water.
We sat at the triangle park where a number of friends from Burning man were doing a spontaneous fire perfomance.
And then it was over. And then I woke up with a horrible hangover this morning and spent the day driving tourists around….

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