January 30, 2023


Saturday night, we were fortunate to have some friends give us tickets to Pageant at the Manoa Valley Theatre (http://www.manoavalleytheatre.com/NowPlaying/Pageant.htm)
(Thanks Dave and Theresa!!!) It was a fabulous experience. Basicly a spoof of a beauty pageant where all of the contestants (Miss Bible Belt, Miss Deep South, Miss Great Plains, Miss Texas, Miss Industrial Northeast, Miss West Coast, and even a Miss Pacific Rim) are men in drag. It was a stellar performance by the entire cast.


Before heading to the MVT, we had dinner in Kaimuki at Town. Town is an upscale fine dining experience with a white trash touch. The industrial decor of stainless steel tables and retro artwork fit well with the slightly self absorbed alcohol menu complete with Pabst Blue Ribbon. Mink Hippie was stoked on her gnocci and the risotto I ordered was cooked perfectly. The menu consists of the food items listed with ingredients. Interesting and according to our server sometimes difficult for people who are used to less detail and more description of their food. Nice wine list. If you bring your own there is a $10 corkage fee but then if you buy a bottle at Town, it is discounted. A nice deal. Because we were heading to Pageant, we didn’t have time for dessert, but we will definitely go back. Mink Hippie was completely satisifed, as was I. My only gripe was the lack of condiments on the table. I mean, I realize the chefs think their food is perfectly seasoned, but I like to be able to add a bit of salt and pepper if I want to.

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