February 5, 2023

Were you ever sitting in your cubicle and heard someone in the next cubicle say something that made you want to burst out laughing? You wanted to share it with someone but couldn’t just call up your buddy across the room or down in accounting right? Now you can post it to overheard in the office. The one below cracks me up (no pun intended)…check out the site for more…cd
(thanks Allison!)

Overheard in the Office | The Voice of the Cubicle
Girl: So I told them to just go ahead and ship the extra reports to our suppository in –
Guy: -Wait, I’m sorry, what did you just say? Did you say “ship the reports to the suppository”?
Girl: Yeah…
Guy: Um, it’s “repository.” Suppositories are pills that go in your ass.
Girl: Fuck.
Route 1 South
Princeton, New Jersey

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