February 2, 2023

outline for vulgar
I. opening with a man and woman eating dinner
A. He tells an off color story
B. She is highly offended
C. run credits with Vulgar as the overdub while we see the man get angry and the woman leave
II. the man walks through the streets and reaches his house, he goes to take a shit, the toilet clogs and overflows all over the floor. He calls “The Plumber”
A. The plumber arrives and begins fixing the stoppage, he is Bukowski like yet “happy go lucky”
B. Shares some of his life wisdom with Stan ( the man)
C. The two drink beers at the table discussing man concerns, women, morality(or lack of) and sex
D. the plumber suggests they go to his favorite bar (journey accompnaied by “the plumber”
III. They get to a working class dive. It is lively with people leading desperate lives
A. They run into some of the plumbers friends, heavy drinking
B. The hag at the bar begins to look good to stan, by the end of the night she is his companion and through his eyes she is the most desirable creature on the planet
IV. Stan has nightmares of hags and rags
A. wakes up with numero uno hag sleeping on his arm,
B. franticly trying to get away to the tune of “wake up in the morning”…escapes
V. runs to a park where he goes through the severe stages of depression following a bender
A. sees a train, hobo, escape
B. sees woman from scene 1 with another guy get on the train (freighttrain)
C. sitting on monument and joined by bums with instruments
D. song ends, bums are gone, dealer arrives
E. wants some dope and follows dealer to flophouse
VI. shooting up
A. visions of walking alone
B. visions become shadowy figure next to him
C. comes out alone, obsessed with finding shadowy figure
VII. Hitchhiking on road as car after car goes past
A. no rides (music “ I’m on my way)
B. still no rides, lots of walking, lots of cars passing, a can hits him from a passing car
C. sits under a tree, drinking a found can of beer
D. Martin the gypsy stops and offers work, Sstan accepts
VIII. Trailer park hell with Martins other prisoners doing hard labor daily
A. one day of concrete busting
B. secretly splits

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