February 2, 2023

Okay, this guy took it way to far. Hasn’t he watched Animal House? Isn’t it enough to see how ridiculous those guys are? Couldn’t he just take a trip to Japan and buy them in a vending machine? Why? Why? Why did you do it crazy Korean guy?

Sung Koo Kim, a 32-year-old Tigard man who stole college women’s underwear, has been sentenced one more time for the thefts.
After the fourth part of a four-county plea agreement, Kim faces a total of 11 years in prison.
In Benton County on Wednesday, Circuit Judge Janet Holcomb sentenced him to 31 months in prison for burglary, charges stemming from the theft of underwear and other personal items from Oregon State University residences in 2004.
He has previously been sentenced in Washington, Yamhill and Multnomah counties.
Joo and Dong Kim were at Wednesday’s hearing, where their son quietly apologized. Joo said her son is mentally ill and having a difficult time in prison.
“He says most of the time he stays in his cell with a cellmate who is also mentally ill,” Joo said. “He’s getting medication, but he needs expert mental-health care as soon as possible.”
The Kims maintain their son is no danger to anyone and has never been violent.
But Benton County prosecutors said Kim targeted the OSU women’s swim team and labeled underwear and personal hygiene items with the names of the women from whom they were stolen. He also photographed himself wearing some of the underwear.
Prosecutors said that behavior, along with thousands of violent pornographic images downloaded onto his computer, is evidence of his violent obsession, prosecutors said.
In one document on Kim’s computer, “we see the defendant making a list of horrific torture steps that lead to murder,” according to court documents, “followed by a list of supplies to bring along to complete the tasks.”

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