February 4, 2023

Learning by Chris Damitio
Is it just me or does it bother anyone else that we can’t learn just for the sake of learning?
Rather, if we do we still have to pay for it, so the only benefit we get from it is being more informed, better able to make decisions, and too poor to do anything about the problems we see.
I think that’s a problem. No wonder there are so many people in “college” who don’t want to be here. They (and us, so we) are faced with a choice of drudgery making pennies so someone else can make considerably more or suffering for a few years while we build up debt, taking classes that may not interest us but are required to fulfill a curriculum someone else has decided is appropriate for the job we may want. Welcome to a screwed up world. First of all decide what you want to be (never mind that you are reasonably uninformed about what is out there or what it requires.) Next, talk to a counselor who will recommend which courses you should take for what you think you want to do. Then strap yourself in for a ride. For many students new opportunities open up as they learn, seemingly unrelated classes lead to new insights. Many classes that I would be enthusiastic about are effectively not open because I have fulfilled my requirements in those areas ( I could take them, but hoping to go into debt as little as possible, I try to finish up my “degree” as quickly as possible.)

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