January 30, 2023

(Okay, here is what I can find on this..this happened last Saturday..ask yourself…why haven’t you heard about this yet?…cd)
1) from KFOR.com
NORMAN, Okla. A student with “emotional difficulties” has been identified as the person who blew himself up Saturday evening at the University of Oklahoma.
The F-B-I says the remains are believed to be those of a 21-year old Joel Hinrichs, a mechanical engineering major from Colorado Springs, Colorado.
University President David Boren says the blast was an apparent suicide.
The student’s father says he communicated with his son and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. He says his son was a very intelligent and private individual who somehow lost the confidence that his life would be a good one.
The young man apparently detonated an explosive device attached to his body near Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, where more than 84-thousand people were watching a football game.
No one else was hurt in the explosion.
2) The Northeast Intelligence Network has received information from individuals who claim they have seen the Oklahoma University “suicide bomberâ€? visit the Islamic Society of Norman, Oklahoma, located within blocks of his Park View residence. Also sources confirmed Tuesday night that at least one of the components in the bomb used by Joel Henry Hinrichs III Saturday night was a product called TATP.
Technically, TATP is triacetone triperoxide. However, it’s called the ‘Mother of Satan’ by Islamist extremists. Experts say it is made by mixing common household items such as drain cleaner and bleach to create a white powder with a strong smell.
It’s so volatile that it can explode even if it’s merely dropped. It can even explode spontaneously, experts say.
There have been very few reports of TATP being used in the United States; however, there have been more documented cases overseas — including Richard Reid, who was arrested after he used TATP in his shoe and tried to light it on a flight.
The FBI is testing materials from the OU student’s backpack, and from Hinrichs’ apartment. Sources said a chemist from FBI headquarters was flown to Oklahoma to help with the gathering of evidence to be used for testing.
However, FBI officials will not comment on any aspect of the investigation, including what sources have told Eyewitness News 5.
More on TATP
And finally….The general manager of a Norman feed store said Tuesday that Joel Henry Hinrichs III had inquired about purchasing ammonium nitrate fertilizer, the primary ingredient used in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.
Dustin Ellison, the general manager of Ellison Feed & Seed on Porter Avenue, said that a man matching Hinrichs’ description had come into the store days before he blew himself up on OU’s campus. Ellison said the man asked about ammonium nitrate, but couldn’t offer a reason why he needed it.
According to an AP report, Ellison said that Hinrichs acted strangely and was wearing a vest with what appeared to be wires in it when he asked for ammonium nitrate fertilizer.
After the bombing, Ellison said he thought nothing of it. However, when he saw Hinrichs’ photo, it triggered his memory.
To this point, authorities still suggest Hinrichs’ only motive for blowing himself up was suicide. The FBI released a statement Tuesday evening saying that “there is no known link between Hinrichs and any terrorist or extremist organization(s) or activities.”
The release also indicated that the FBI believes there is “no known current threat posed by any additional explosive materials.”
Ellison noted that his store doesn’t carry ammonium nitrate any longer after recent legislation required new paperwork for stores to sell the product.

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