January 31, 2023

It continues to rain here nonstop. The runoff into the ocean carries “shark food.” Sharks have been spotted all over the place. If that doesn’t stop you from getting in the water, the box jellyfish are also out in force. And a tornado warning has been issued for Lana’i. We’re getting out of here and going to Tahiti. Maybe it will be better when (and if) we come back….

Yesterday morning held the best and the worst for island visitor Elizabeth Dunn. She caught the best wave of her life, then realized her worst fear: shark attack.
Dunn, 28, and her partner, Chris Smith, both of Vancouver, British Columbia, were at Left Overs, a popular surf spot about a mile south of Waimea Bay when she was bitten and released by a shark. It happened so quickly that she’s not sure what kind of shark it was, or how big it was.
What she does know is that it left five puncture wounds in her left calf, one to the bone, and doctors said judging by the spacing of the marks, the shark was large.
“I was totally terrified and there was nothing I could do,” Dunn said while recuperating at Backpackers Vacation Inn in Pupukea. “It was my worst fear and it’s so bizarre to have your worst fear suddenly come true.”
Dunn, a psychology professor, has been surfing for two years and said she has a shark phobia.

North Shore surfer survives shark bite – The Honolulu Advertiser

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