February 5, 2023

Rounding out my trifecta of small dictators is Kim Jong Il. He writes operas. He makes films. He invented the toaster. I love him.

globeandmail.com : North Korea’s box-office ruler: Kim Jong Il
North Korea’s box-office ruler: Kim Jong Il
Seoul — The king of the summer movie box office is none other than North Korea’s Dear Leader Kim Jong Il, or at least that is what the communist state’s official media said this week.
The biggest movie sensation of the season has been the film made under Kim’s wise leadership called Diary of a Student Girl, the North’s KCNA news agency said. “[It] is screened before full houses in Pyongyang every day, evoking lively response from people of all walks of life,” it said.
The movie, about a student girl working with her younger sister in pursuit of scientific endeavours, was hailed as a masterpiece even before its release. Kim’s official biography says he is an accomplished director. Reuters

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