February 8, 2023

As you’ve probably heard, Israel bombed the bejesus out of the airport in Beirut, stranding a bunch of tourists (mostly Arabs) in Lebanon. Turns out that Tony Bourdain (chef, TV ‘personality’ and mystery writer) is also stuck there….
[Thanks, MeFi.]

“we are currently shooting an episode of NR in Lebanon–and it should be video gold. Those kookie-krazy kids from Hezbollah were popping off their weapons today(shooting in the air, I gather)–and Israel has been bombing and mobilizing a division in the South with reported land and sea strikes… (See today’s news–and quotes from Israeli PM). While the party continues in Beirut–there’s a lot of concern that the Israelis will follow up with strikes on infrastructure (like the power grid). And we were due to head to the Bekka Valley tomorrow. BTW..this town is Party Central!�?
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