February 6, 2023

(It all sounds good…until you look at the source. I remember a tobacco executive in NC telling me that there was no scientific correllation between tobacco and cancer…cd)
SUN VALLEY, Idaho (Reuters) – There is no link between sugar and obesity because health problems linked to weight gain are caused by increased consumption of calories and a lack of exercise, a U.S. sugar industry group said Wednesday.
“Every major, comprehensive review of the total body of scientific literature continues to exonerate sugars intake as the causative factor in any lifestyle disease, including obesity,” Andrew Briscoe, president and chief executive of the Sugar Association, said at the annual meeting of the main U.S. industry group American Sugar Alliance.
The Sugar Association promotes the consumption of sugar as a part of a healthy diet and lifestyle through the use of sound science and research, he said.
The group’s main point is that excessive consumption of calories and a lack of exercise would spur weight gain, regardless of sugar consumption.
Briscoe said that U.S. per capita consumption of sugar has declined to an estimated 63 pounds in 2002 from 102 pounds in 1972. Including waste, spoilage and other loss, the actual per capita sugar consumption figure declines to 45 pounds per person.
“We believe in calories in and calories out. Sugar is not a part of obesity issues,” he said.
Briscoe said most consumers on average estimate the number of calories in a teaspoon of sugar at 76 calories when the actual number is 15.

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