January 30, 2023

This comes from Oahu’s North Shore yesterday. I have an uncle that likes to say that no good deed goes unpunished. He would probably love this story…

A skydiving accident ended with no injuries for one lucky skydiver on Saturday.
The Maui skydiver was making his first jump alone and with his new equipment. The man?s parachute opened ok, but his reserve chute also opened, sending the man into a potentially deadly spiral.
“The reserve did not inflate entirely. It didn’t open to a point where he could control it, so it continued to spin until he hit water, thank God,? said Tim Straus, a skydiving instructor at Pacific International.
Straus swam out and rescued the man from the water near Mokuleia Polo field. But while he was saving the downed skydiver, someone stole his equipment.
Straus said, however, that he didn?t regret his decision.
“If I had to trade my gear for this guy being okay, it’s not even a contest. I’m just happy he’s okay. If it cost me $6,000 in gear, whatever. I wish it didn’t happen, but I?m just glad he’s okay,” said Straus.
Straus said his stolen parachute is gold with two red stripes, in case anyone saw it.

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