January 30, 2023

new monkey

Just when the world seems darkest, great news comes. Imagine…a brand new species of monkey! And it stands nearly three feet tall…that is just over half the height of Kim Jong Il.

May 19, 2005 — When a team of scientists first heard hunters from Tanzania’s Wanyakyusa tribe talk about a quiet, black-faced monkey that hung out in high elevations, they weren’t sure if it was real or a “spirit” animal from the tribe’s oral tradition.
“Sometimes the difference between real and spiritual animals is not clear-cut when you speak with the Wanyakyusa. So we went into the forest with one of the hunters,” said Tim Davenport, director of Wildlife Conservation Society’s Southern Highlands Conservation Program in southwestern Tanzania. “That was the only way we could determine it was real in the way we understand the term ‘real’ to be.”

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