February 8, 2023

You guys might have noticed that our right sidebar has crashed. We are going through a server upgrade and yours truly tried to modify the sidebar only to find out that no modifications stick at the moment. I should be able to restore it in a day or two.
It gives me great pleasure to introduce the latest addition to our team of bloggers. Ladies and gentlemen…The Holy Rollin Reverand Earl! He is an intergalactic skip tracer of transgressional metaphysics. He wakes each day to commit the unpardonable sin. “The sooner you get that over with, the better!” he says, “Hallelujah!”.
His hermit cathedral is an oasis of nihilistic hypocrisy. His flock sustainably cultivates the horns of its own dilemma in hidden underground crypts. He is forever questioning the answer that truth is stranger than fiction. The Reverend rides towards us from out of the past tilting at postapocalyptic windmills, receding as he comes around the future’s bend. His religion, and he’s insufferably pious, is Nothing, his mission, to save all of us from it. Amen.

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