February 8, 2023

(lifted from Boing Boing..thanks)

Kluver-Bucy Syndrome. Classically, the person will try to put anything to hand into their mouths and typically attempt to have sexual intercourse with it.

The Capgras’ patient will typically identify people close to them as being imposters – identical in every possible way, but identical replicas. Classically, the patient will accept living with these imposters but will secretly “know” that they are not the people they claim to be.

Cotard’s Syndrome
Named after a French psychiatrist Jules Cotard, this syndrome is characterized by the patient believing that he is dead, a walking corpse. This “delusion” is usually expanded to the degree that the patient might claim that he can smell his own rotting flesh and feel worms crawling through his skin

The person with Fregoli syndrome will need to explain to themselves their unusual neurological experience so we end up with someone who might claim: “They keep changing their clothes and their hairstyles but I know it is them…They should get a medal for acting, they are so good, but I can tell it is them from the way they stand and move about.”

Neurological Syndromes

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