January 31, 2023

Okay, so it’s not really called Nazi town…but check out this story from Yahoo news. I used to be stationed near there back in my USMC days. It’s strange…you would go from the racial mix that is Memphis to lily white Germantown…
GERMANTOWN, Tenn. – Some residents of this upscale Memphis suburb say ordinances have gone to far. The final straw may have been rules proposed about when garage doors can be opened.
Among other directives, the city codes would tell homeowners to open their garage doors only when entering or exiting or for “short periods of time” for cleaning and maintenance.
“I’m in favor of reasonable codes, but I think some of these things go to extremes,” said resident Robert Scallions.
Because of such criticism, officials in this town known for a sharp eye for community decorum have agreed to give the proposals another look before a final vote.
Jean Wallace said she fears town regulators could come down on her because the street address on her house is spelled out in words. The rules would call for numbers only, from 4 to 6 inches tall.
“That seems very strange, especially when the house is 30 years old,” Wallace said. “The builders put them up, and they used to always be like that.”

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