February 1, 2023

Sorry folks…Lame Ebay removed the auction but waited to do it until 20 people had bid. I had some cool stuff going in that box…that’s the definition of a nanny society right there. You aren’t allowed to decide whether you want to bid on a mystery box from me on their platform. I’m so annoyed by this. 

I’ve decided it’s time to reduce my possessions. I have cool and interesting things and didn’t want to just dump them in the thrift store – so I thought this might be a fun way to go about it. If this works out well, it will give me an excuse to continue treasure hunting without having to worry about keeping the treasures – it’s all about the hunt for me. I hope this is a way I can share my treasures with you.

Here’s the link: Large USPS Priority Box by Vagobond. This will be a large USPS flat rate box filled with stuff. I am reducing my collections which are vast and varied. As a former antique and book store owner as well as an avowed geek, art lover, and collector of amazing things you can be sure there will be in interesting, fun and even valuable things in your box. I will continue doing this for as long as I still have too much stuff. I will provide pictures of each mystery box contents after it is sold on Vagobond.com

Box #1 is now up for auction. I’ll post pictures of the contents after it sells.

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