February 5, 2023

I’ve finally published my latest novel. Douchebags, Fags, and Hags.

You can find it for kindle here or in epub format here.

Here’s the cover:

a novel of Baboob

This novel was a labor of love. The hard part, as with just about everything in my life, is doing anything when I’m trapped in Morocco waiting for my wife’s visa to get approved.  While I’m here, I have no professional contacts, no chance to meet with agents, no chance to attend book fairs, no chance to give my pitch to agents, editors, or anyone else. In fact, I don’t have any chance to even look for a decent job so I can afford to pay an editor, hire a promotion team, or anything else.

So, despite all the work that has gone into this novel, I am afraid that the launch today, may fall flat.  One big fear comes from the silence of those who agreed to read the advance copies…my suspicion is that life is busy and it’s easiest to put off doing something for me because I’m hidden away in Morocco and relegated to online contact – at least that’s what I hope.

I worked with a video editor to create an online trailer for the book

I feel like that came out pretty good, as did the cover. I worked with a designer in Belgium to make the cover and I think she did a great job capturing the essence.

In terms of promotion, my major strategy is to utilize my travel website and write about the Sultanate of Baboob as if it is a real country. So far, despite about 1000 visits to the first post I wrote about Baboob and quite a bit of social sharing,  no one has said anything – which means that people are either completely convinced it is real, or they just don’t care that it’s not.  Either way, the results so far miss the mark of what I was shooting for. Time will tell though.

To promote the book (hopefully) I’m also giving away copies of all my other books on Amazon Kindle. Giveaways tend to be a pretty good promotion, and with any luck, it will hit.

I suppose my pie in the sky dream is that some hotshot agent, a publishing house, or a producer/director type will see my little tale of a less than remarkable guy who get herpes and stumbles onto a blood debt which leads him across continents in search of the woman of his dreams (who, like all the women of Baboob, dresses like a sexy nun).

I worked with another designer to create this ad, but we both agreed that the work was crap and so parted ways (okay, I said the work was crap and then we parted ways)

Sultanate of Baboob

Time will tell. If no one notices it while I’m alive, maybe someone will read it after I’m dead and actually get what I was trying to say – but I’d prefer it to be while I’m still living.



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