January 30, 2023

I was working yesterday and in the course of driving people to various locations I had some time to wander around a bit while waiting for them to get back in the car. I stopped at the Foodland on Beretania street to pick up something to drink and came across a big sign at the entrance “Largest Mango Grown in Hawaii on display in the Produce Section” . I of course went to the produce section and snapped a picture with my phone…here it is…All 6 pounds of it…
Later I was at the Ala Moana Center in Honolulu and wandered into Shirokiya, a favorite Japanese department store where there were huge lines forming for the oddly named Beard Papa cream puffs…I had some time to kill and so I got in line, I was curious what made them so special…the following sign is obviously a part of it…
Here is a short blurb about the famous puffs from the Honolulu Advertiser ” Beard Papa has been welcomed by customer lines snaking down city blocks at new stores in New York and Singapore. And when Shirokiya hosted roughly two-week-long Beard Papa demonstrations at its Ala Moana Center store in November and March, lines formed out the door.
“People stood an hour, up to two hours just to buy a cream puff,” said Walter Watanabe, Shirokiya’s general manager. “It’s very popular.”
“Oh, the line — so long,” recalled George Okayama, a sales representative for Hawai’i-grown coffees who waited about 30 minutes to try his first Beard Papa vanilla cream puff at Shirokiya. “It was very good.”
Okayama said he prefers the Beard Papa cream puff over Krispy Kreme’s famed fried and glazed donut. “No comparison,” he said, though he isn’t sure what makes the cream puff so tasty. ”
beard papa
It was an odd sort of day, I’ll try to post more fun pictures in the future…maybe my ‘awesome tourist’ photos will amuse everyone…

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