February 1, 2023

You may remember that a black magician in Indonesia recently put a curse on Bush…this is just the beginning…

Three Honolulu police motorcycles in President George W. Bush’s motorcade were involved in an accident on Tuesday morning at Hickam Air Force Base.
A 30-year-old officer’s condition has worsened. He was last reported in critical condition. He underwent surgery for internal bleeding.
“The injuries are severe enough that it could go either way,” Capt. Frank Fujii said.
The officer is an eight-year veteran of the force.
The two other officers involved were treated and released. One police witness said all he saw were flying bikes and bodies.
“The roadway that they were traveling on was not the typical asphalt that is out there on the public roadways,” Fujii said.
The president apparently saw the injured officers. Moments before leaving he requested an update on their condition from Maj. Stephen Kornegay. The president gave the major a commemorative presidential coin for the hospitalized officer.
“The president was very concerned,” Fujii said.
After they finished their motorcade duty, fellow officers gathered at Queen’s. One said they do not resent that the incident happened during a motorcade. The officers said they consider protecting the president among their highest and proudest duties.
The department said escort duty is no more hazardous than other solo bike assignments.
“It’s considered a hazardous assignment and they also take it because they love riding motorcycles. It’s a passion for them,” Fujii said.
Bush arrived in Honolulu on Monday night for a brief stopover as he returned from a visit to Asia.
It is Bush’s second stopover in the islands since becoming president. He plans no public appearances or fundraisers.

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