February 1, 2023

curious dead monkeys

3 Endangered Monkeys Die at Chicago Zoo
Published: May 15, 2005
CHICAGO, May 14 (AP) – An endangered monkey is in quarantine while experts at the Lincoln Park Zoo try to determine what killed three others, the latest in a series of animal deaths at the zoo.
The United States Department of Agriculture is looking into whether the zoo violated the Animal Welfare Act, and the group that accredits American zoos is now reviewing all animal care practices there.
Officials at the zoo say the deaths of the monkeys this week may be linked to their recent move to a new exhibit that gave them access to the outdoors. Their deaths follow those of two elephants, two gorillas and a camel at the zoo since October, and the death of another elephant earlier this month as it was being transferred to Utah.
The surviving monkey, an 8-year-old female Francois langur, is under observation at the zoo hospital, said a zoo spokeswoman, Kelly McGrath.
The monkey showed no signs of illness Friday morning, Ms. McGrath said, but veterinarians were watching for the slightest change in its physical state or behavior.
The Agriculture Department’s investigation covers all the deaths, said an agency spokeswoman, Suzan Holl. She declined to discuss further details.
The American Zoo and Aquarium Association, the accrediting group, is overseeing an audit of the zoo’s policies and procedures. A group of experts will report their findings to the zoo’s board of directors, said a spokeswoman for the association, Jane Ballentine.

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