February 8, 2023

(Almost time for mooncakes again. I was accustomed to getting yummy mooncakes in Seattle. Am pretty sure I will be able to find them in Hawaii. But if you are lucky enough to have someone in China who can send them to you, here are the Byzantine rules covering mooncake mailing. Register with the FDA???? ….kg)
With the Mid-Autumn Festival three weeks away, the Shanghai Post Bureau put out an advisory yesterday to people who want to send mooncakes to friends or relatives living overseas.
The advisory tells senders to be aware of the following regulations:
¥ Mooncakes can’t be mailed to four countries – Indonesia, Germany, Denmark and France.
¥ Anyone who wants to send mooncakes to the United States should register with the Food and Drug Administration in advance. The administration will provide a number of declaration that should be printed on the mailing invoice.
¥ For anyone that wants to send mooncakes to Australia, the address of both the sender and the receiver must be private addresses and the package must have the word “gift” written on it. Australia won’t accept mooncakes that contain yolk.
¥ You need an import license to send mooncakes to New Zealand or Thailand.
¥ Mooncakes sent to Canada must not contain meat.
¥ When mailing mooncakes to Hong Kong, the sender must provide a health certificate from an official mainland institution.
People are advised to call the post office hot line (11185) for further information.
Mooncake Mailing Rules

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