January 29, 2023

If you have ever been helped out and wanted to return the favor to someone else, or you just want to help someone else, this is the way to do it. Have a look. This is a very cool operation. It operates without any help from the government and as such it’s total expenditures are $24,000 a year. Everything above this is given to those who need a little help. By little I mean about $1000 maximum for those who are just a bit overwhelmed in this society.
I should add that if you need help with a car payment, rent, electric bills, or anything else, this is a no hassle, big hearted, great way to keep standing tall while getting a hand up. Check out this link to see a news report about how one family was helped.

Modest Needs® – Home
What is Modest Needs?
Modest Needs is a non-profit organization reaching out to hard-working individuals and families who suddenly find themselves faced with small, emergency expenses that they have no way to afford on their own.
Most persons living paycheck to paycheck earn just barely too much to qualify for any type of conventional assistance. This means they can’t receive the help they need to overcome a short-term crisis – until they’ve already lost everything.
Modest Needs exists because we think there’s a better way to do things. As far as we’re concerned, no hard-working person should ever have to choose between taking a child to the doctor and putting food on the table.

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