January 29, 2023

(I like that there is absolutely no mention of personal ethics in this…this story is painted in tones of ‘what good luck!’ and yet the gas station owner has just lost hundreds of dollars on what isn’t really nearly so profitable a business as you might expect…it’s usually not shell or chevron that own/operate these stations, it’s neighbors and friends that hardly get rich selling fuel, that is why they have to increase their margin with food and snacks etc. I’m certainly no paragon of values, but for some reason I think all those people should be ashamed of themselves for gloating over someone elses misfortune. At least have the decency to be smug about it in private….cd)
LINCOLN, Neb. – One gas station manager’s mistake paid off for Lincoln drivers who were in the right place at the right time Friday.
For 30 to 45 minutes, three of the Kabredlo’s Convenience Store’s four pumps sold premium unleaded gas for 29 cents a gallon.
Gas hasn’t been that cheap since 1955, according to AAA Nebraska.
As news of the cheap fuel spread, lines formed at the store at 2305 R St., said Max Wolfe, who was doing landscaping for Kabredlo’s.
Wolfe and his co-workers took time out to fill up. “I was on E, and I filled my tank up for $4,” Wolfe said. “It made my day.”
Nathan Olson said he usually pays $72 to fill his gas-guzzling 1998 Ford F-150. Friday, he filled the tank three-quarters full for $3.50.
The store manager who said she made the mistake didn’t give her name.
On average, Lincoln gas stations are charging $2.93 a gallon for gas, according to AAA.

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