February 2, 2023

Yet another casualty of the Bush administration and the fascists that have taken over in the USA as a nice girl gets the shaft for our country’s policies. Is this what the world has really come to? Am I really supposed to feel bad for looking at beautiful women from all over the world? I don’t. Not even a little bit. If it was a contest to see who could pop out the most children or a contest to see who could mop the fastest, then I would be offended…but not as offended as I am by this unnecessary god damn war.

The crowning of Miss Japan Riyo Mori as the winner did not go without a hitch with the tiara crashing to the floor after being dropped and this was not the night’s only clumsy moment with Miss USA Rachel Smith taking an inelegant tumble after slipping and falling to the floor during the evening gown competition.
Leading up to the finale in Mexico City Smith had endured plenty of boos from locals protesting the perceived hostility of Americans to Mexicans living there.
Politics played an usually large part in this year’s contest.
Local favourite Miss Mexico was the subject of controversy, over her original choice of regional dress, an elaborate outfit decorated with images of a late 1920s religious rebellion, complete with scenes of the rebels being hanged.
Missing from this year’s contest was Miss Sweden, whose country is one of the few to win the crown three times.
Isabel Lestapier Winqvist, 20, dropped out because many Swedes say the competition does not represent the modern woman.
Some locals agreed, with dozens of protesters holding a mock ceremony in downtown Mexico City before the pageant began.
The alternative parade featured Miss Marijuana, Miss Sexual Health and Miss Human Rights and other candidates with obscenities written across their sashes.
The group yelled “neither ugly nor beautiful, should a woman be considered an object!.”
Australia’s entrant Kimberley Busteed who failed to make the first cut copped a different sort of criticism for looking “frumpy”.
Busteed, 18, from the Queensland city of Gladstone, was criticised over her decision to dress as a lifesaver for the part of the pageant centred on national dress.
Among those who bagged her choice was Sydney fashion designer Alex Zabotto-Bentley, who suggested her cossie was a frumpy choice and said she was overshadowed by the beautiful choices of other entrants.
But Busteed refused to bend to the criticism.
She appeared on stage at tonight’s final in Mexico City in her red one-piece swimsuit and life-saver cap, but it failed to impress the judges.
Earlier she’d countered criticism of her choice of national dress by asking if she should have donned a convict costume instead.
from – http://www.news.com.au

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