February 8, 2023

I’ve been reporting on metal theft here in Hawaii for a while now but apparently it is a problem all over the place. Even Canada.Recently they busted two homeless people in their 40’s, a man and a woman, doing a similar stripping job in Honolulu.

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Salvagers entered the building, which has been vacant for several months, through the roof and stripped the building of virtually every bit of copper and other saleable material. They obviously weren’t hauling this away on bicycles, yet no one in the area seemed to notice anything until water began leaking out of the building.
The theatre is located across from several homes, is next door to a busy bowling alley, and is within sight of the Willowbrook Shopping Centre parking lot.
Yet somehow destruction to the tune of at least $100,000 took place inside the building, and the pipes and wiring were carted away by thieves.
This is outrageous. It is obvious that no building can be left unattended or unwatched, with this type of theft going on. This has already happened in new homes under construction, and now it has happened in a large commercial building that is waiting for a new use.

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