February 1, 2023

The biggest gathering of leaders in history unfolds this week at the United Nations, as they preen and boast about how much they’re helping the world’s poor. In short, it may be the greatest assembly in history – of hypocrites.
The fact is that with just a few exceptions, the presidents and prime ministers coming to the U.N. summit are doing a disgraceful job in helping the poor. That’s one reason the world’s richest 500 individuals have the same income as the world’s poorest 416 million people.
We Americans set a dreadful example as hosts to the summit. President Bush has been trying to wriggle away from his 2002 endorsement of the principle that rich countries should try to provide 70 cents in official development assistance for every $100 in national income. (Mr. Bush has sharply increased foreign aid from the Clinton years, but it still stood at only 16 cents in 2004 for each $100 of national income.)
Meet the Fakers – New York Times- LINK

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