February 1, 2023

(This is the kind of story that really amazes me. The Leeward Coast of Oahu suffers from a lack of good jobs. A wind farm would provide clean energy, minimal impact to sensitive cultural areas, AND family wage jobs. Our Mayor is so obviously kow towing to the special interests that got him elected. Could the fact that Kahuku is located in a major population of Mormons and Samoans have anything to do with our Samoan/Mormon Mayor’s desire to locate the wind farm there?….cd)
Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann has halted a Hawaiian Electric Co. alternative energy windmill farm project.
On the hills behind Kahe Power Plant, HECO hoped to put up about 25 400-foot tall windmills to generate alternative energy.
While Hannemann and community leaders said alternative energy is good, they don’t want it located on the proposed site. “I’m announcing my administration will not support, nor will it provide permits for any wind farm in this area,” Hannemann said.
Those against the proposal said the Waianae Coast is already overburdened with energy plants and garbage disposal sites.
Community leaders said cultural sites dot the landscape along the area. They said the sites need more study and preservation.
The proposed wind farm is near Camp Timberline on Palehua Ridge, very near the sites of ancient heiau, possible burial sites and what’s thought to be an ancient stone schoolhouse, according to opponents.
“Because cultural sites and cultural issues are important to the health of the Hawaiian community, it’s even more important that we preserve the uniqueness of places such as this,” said Brad Kane, of the Kapolei Hawaiian Civic Club.
Hannemann wants the wind farm to be built Kahuku. HECO said that is its second choice.
Hawaiian Electric needs to negotiate with the military for access to the Kahuku land and meet with the community before windmills can be built.

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