January 31, 2023

My friend Fenton Wilkinson gets to be Terror Suspect of the Week in his onstage role of Karl Marx. He is doing a one man performance of Howard Zinn’s play “Marx in Soho.” I watched it last night and was astounded. I’ve put a clip below along with links to more clips. I’ll write more on this soon, just watch the video now. The message is important enough that Fenton, once a U.S. Department of Justice lawyer, had dedicated himself to the project. I’ve known Fenton for more than a few years and I will tell you one thing for certain, unlike the people who are running things, Fenton Wilkinson actually wants to see true justice in the world. Personally, I say, let’s make Karl Marx the next President of the United States. He’s got my vote.
Marx on Capitalism

Marx on Communism
Marx on Commune de Paris


Marx on Daughter Eleanor

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