February 4, 2023

(Okay, maybe the headline is crass…I just can’t resist. He didn’t die. Funny, I drove Elizabeth Vargas around not too long ago when she was doing a story on Lost. One degree of seperation….cd)
Singer Marc Cohn, best known for his 1991 hit “Walking in Memphis,” was shot Sunday in Denver, according to the Denver Police department.
Per a DPD statement released Monday, Cohn was shot in the head late Sunday during an attempted carjacking near the city’s convention center.
Cohn is said to be recovering after doctors successfully removed a bullet from his temple.
The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, who is married to ABC News’ Elizabeth Vargas, is expected to make a full recovery.
Vargas is in Colorado with her husband, who has already been released from Denver’s Health Medical Center.
“All of us at ABC News are thinking of Marc and Elizabeth at this time and wish Marc a speedy recovery,” an ABC News publicist said in a statement released to E! Monday. “The good news is that he will be fine. Elizabeth has made her way to Denver to be with Marc, and they are likely to return to New York soon.”
Cohn, who was in Denver to play a sold-out concert at the city’s botanical gardens, was allegedly shot by a man named Joseph Yacteen, according to police.
Police released a picture of the suspect, in addition to the license-plate number of the car he was last seen in, to local media Sunday evening. A tip from the public apparently paid off, as late Monday night, after a five-hour standoff, police took Yacteen into custody from a house in North Denver.
Yacteen is suspected of attempting to carjack Cohn’s vehicle. The 26-year-old reportedly fired a single shot into the singer’s rented van in the process of the unsuccessful vehicle boost, grazing the driver (Cohn’s road manager Thomas Dube) and injuring Cohn after they refused to unlock the van door for the suspect.
Both Dube and Cohn were treated and released for their respective bullet wounds after driving away from the armed suspect.
Cops nearly arrested Yacteen Sunday for crimes allegedly committed earlier that day, but he slipped away by fleeing on Denver’s Stout Street, which intersects with the city’s 16th Street Mall.
Yacteen will likely be charged with first-degree attempted murder and multiple aggravated robbery charges.
Cohn, who rose to fame in 1991 after his eponymously titled Atlantic Records debut clicked with fans and critics alike, will not rejoin his current tour with Suzanne Vega due to his injury.

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