February 2, 2023

I know…it sounds strange but I guess I should explain my line of reasoning. Four days a week, I ride my bike to the University of Hawaii where I am finally getting a bachelors degree after 15 years of other activities occupying my time. The degree I’m getting is in Anthropology with a minor in film. The important part is that you understand that I ride my bicycle. Honolulu is not exactly a bicycle infrastructure friendly city. I can’t count the times I’ve been splashed, nearly hit, or yelled at by drivers that think I should be riding on the crowded sidewalks. Even other bicyclists can be jerks, day before yesterday, I veered around an 87 year old man who was riding slowly in the center of one of the few bike paths (it has too lanes), he started a yelling match where I told him that just because he is old and grumpy gives him no reason to try to ruin my day (his generation has already contributed to my generation inheriting a fucked up world and a militaristic heading toward the third world nation). So anyway, downtown there is a crosswalk without a stoplight that I have to ride through every day. Every day it is a death defying act as commuters completely igonre the crosswalk and zoom across it in their hummers and big SUV’s. If they get stopped near it, they have no problem stopping in the center of it. In other words they ignore it….anyway, it occurred to me yesterday, how nice it would be to have a group of people who slapped bumper stickers on their cars…my first thought “I don’t break for crosswalks” my second thought was just to show their general attitude by slapping “Fuck You” stickers on their cars, and finally I liked the idea of just spray painting them as they ignore the crosswalk. Now, I’m thinking, that maybe putting lewd photos on their cars would be good too.

WAUKESHA, Wis. – A Hartford man has been ordered to serve 60 days in jail and placed on two years’ probation for putting photographs of his genitalia on cars driven by women in Menomonee Falls.
Jeffrey J. Hein, 41, was sentenced Monday by Waukesha County Circuit Judge Kathryn Foster on three counts of misdemeanor disorderly conduct.
He pleaded no contest to the charges, which accuse him of putting photos on cars parked outside department stores.
Defense attorney Patrick C. Brennan said at the hearing Monday that his client got involved in the activity at a time when he was depressed about three deaths in his family and the failure of his marriage.
Hein is also scheduled to be sentenced Thursday in Washington County Circuit Court on six counts of disorderly conduct accusing him of engaging in the same behavior in Germantown, Hartford and West Bend.


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