January 29, 2023

(What kind of a prostitute accepts checks? A Mahu Prostitute I guess…the whole mahu culture in Hawaii is pretty strange…a mahu is a Hawaiian Transvestite..below is a link to an article that explains the mahu identity…
mahu link
it doesn’t explain why this Mahu took a bad check though…next time shim will make the guy go to an ATM..cd)
Man Allegedly Pays Transvestite Prostitute With Stolen Check
Tue Oct 4, 9:28 PM ET
Police arrested a 22-year-old man on suspicion of forgery, accusing him of paying a transvestite prostitute with a stolen check.
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It happened in Wahiawa in August. Police recently tracked down the suspect. They said he stole a check from the mail.
The prostitute accepted the $200 check for services rendered, then tried to cash the check at Wahiawa branch of American Savings Bank, but was turned away, police said.
The prostitute told police it was the first time she took a check.
Police released the man accused of passing the stolen check pending further investigation.

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