January 31, 2023

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Excerpt from an article published in England in 2001:
Magical Mountain’s Mysterious Healing Powers

[Original headline: Scientists study mountain with ‘magical healing powers’]

Geologists in Romania claim they’ve discovered a mountain with almost magical healing powers.
Part of the Bucegi Mountains in central Transylvania can reportedly lower blood pressure and stop the pain from arthritis.
Scientists believe the mountain’s power comes from an unusual configuration of magnetic fields.
Research is set to continue in June, but in the meantime tourists have been flocking to the area to enjoy the benefits of the “magic mountain”.
Geologist Dumitru Stanica said: “We noticed that even after climbing up the mountains we felt full of energy and our exhaustion disappeared so we realised that something special was happening here.” But doctors have warned that staying in the area too long can produce harmful results. “We believe that long-term exposure to the rays can cause cancer,” said Dr Nicolae Constantinescu, the medical advisor on the project.
Yesterday in a romanian newspaper, “Ziua” there was an update. A huge medical research facility will be built in the square kilometer where this amazing anomaly was discovered. It was proven that indeed there’s an avanced healing activity, people do not get tired exercising or doing any activity. It is called an atipical, geopathogenic area also known as part of a Hartmann network.
It is also proven that after ten months of exposure, the human body develops different form of cancer.
Eyewitness (scientists) reports, say that during the mountain climb aproaching the area, their heart bpm lowered instantly(!!!) to normal, like they never climbed or exerted their bodies.
Here’s a picture of this area:

At this point “Lost” becomes a romanced documentary?

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